I’m Isaac Askew, a Principal Software Engineer Based in Denver.

I love my job, and that’s coding for organizations of all sizes. My experience working for companies of different tech sectors and sizes helps me easily identify bad habits and patterns in any organization. I deliver quality software to customers quickly and frequently.

Legacy Code

In the beginning startups are forced to swiftly roll out products at the expense of quality. I’m an expert in ‘code archaeology’, safely refactoring unfamiliar and old codebases.

Scaling Solutions

Quick fixes and patches that solved yesterday’s problems will come back to bite you as a company continues to grow. I’ve made a career out of finding and fixing bottlenecks.

Test Coverage

Companies starting to mature quickly realize that the less they test the more they pay in developer costs. I excel at writing quality tests to help deliver products faster.


For Ten Years I Have Helped Companies of Different Industries and Sizes

I work at the intersection of professionalism and pragmatism, solving problems quickly and creatively.

What was done
Papaya Pay
Created bots to automatically pay eligible bills from hundreds of providers in minutes. Optimized money-movement services. Led the creation of a text-to-pay product. Integrated with AI to automate bill payments.
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Real Estate
Worked with the Consumer team to implement the Move Safe certification, added to help customers interact with real estate agents safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Grew ActiveCampaign's product set and implement its current design from 2016-2020. Deal custom fields, win probability, campaign sending.
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Here’s my Process

I’ve worked as an independent contractor and employee at startups of all sizes, and left each one better than I found it.

Customer Empathy

I’m not a ‘heads-down, work on the next ticket in the queue’ type of guy. I don’t work on the problem until I understand how solving it will help the customer. Build the right thing, not just whatever you’re told.


Careers are social. Don’t isolate, network. Working together and learning about your colleagues will build strong relationships where asking for help gets you further than trying to figure out everything alone.

Know What Pays the Bills

Understand how a company makes money. See the forest for the trees and understand how your work fits in the bigger picture of the company’s vision.

Prefer Value Over Perfection

Perfect code never makes it to production. Get the smallest piece out that delivers value to your customers and iterate on that. Customer feedback is faster and more accurate than speculative planning.