Senior Software Engineer & Tech Lead

March 2020 – August 2021

Worked with the Consumer team to implement the Move Safeā„¢ certification, added to help customers interact with real estate agents safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to 20,000 additional agents signing up for HomeLight from Mar-Apr 2020.

Architected the Client Dashboard experience, a React project that increased the number of scheduled meetings from leads by 14% and doubled the number of returning users.

Led the Consumer team to deliver our Agent-Client Messaging platform, allowing users to communicate with agents using in-platform messaging and phone notifications rather than by email or phone call. 5% of our clients have switched to this as their preferred method of communication.

Started the Engineering Book Club, a bi-weekly event hosted to help educate the engineers of HomeLight.

Created the CI/CD testing pipelines for the Client Dashboard and Home Hunter projects, installing code coverage as a quality gate and prerequisite before staging and production releases.

Delivered a tech debt paydown effort to remove our native email sending logic and templates from our monolith and port them to a scalable API and SendGrid.

Other Projects